Frequently Asked Questions 


Why is compressed air better than electric? 

From the environmental point of view compressed air gets stored in bottles that are cheap and have a long life span. They can be made of steel, aluminum, or Kevlar. These materials are durable and easy to recycle. Electricity, on the other side, usually gets stored in batteries which are expensive, lose efficiency with time, and are made of poisonous chemicals very hard to recycle.  


Why a two-stroke diesel cycle? 

The  two-stroke diesel cycle is probably the most efficient internal combustion cycle known today. Check these sites if you are interested in the internal workings and readily available technology:


Why is your two-stroke technology better than others cited above? 

Current two-stroke diesel technology requires overhead valves and camshafts that make these engines as complex and bulky as four-strokes. Our technology does not require overhead valves making our engine as lean and compact as a regular two-stroke gasoline engine. 


Why not use a regular two-stroke engine? 

Regular two-stroke engines cannot be supercharged or turbocharged. This is due to the fact that the transfer port gets shut before the exhaust port thus rendering the work of a supercharger useless. This is also the reason why two-strokes are so contaminant and inefficient, part of the fuel gets expelled unburnt through the exhaust. Diesel engines, being direct injection types, solve the problem by injecting the fuel in the cylinder after the exhaust port is shut. 


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