Welcome to the site of the CleanHybrid car project.  Our goal is to produce a car truly respectful with the environment. We feel like today's hybrids are just regular cars with an electric motor and a set of batteries attached to them. As such, they are too heavy, too expensive, and too short lived.

The  CleanHybrid will feature two engines: a super efficient and compact turbo-charged two-stroke diesel and a super clean-running compressed air motor. Both of them made possible by our breakthrough  technology currently in the process of being patented.

Also, the  CleanHybrid will use both engines and the compressed air bottles as stressed parts of the chassis resulting in a super-strong ultralight weight combination.

Other features include Open Source electronics, an all new simplified slide door arrangement, a complete set of active and passive safety features, and extensive use of lightweight durable and recyclable materials. 

The project will comprise the following stages: 

  1. File patents for all the new technologies involved. 

  2. Contact a factory to build the prototype models of the engines. 

  3. Once the patents are granted, build a full prototype of the car. 

  4. Secure funding for the manufacturing process. 

  5. Find a site for the factory and start manufacturing. 

We are currently at stage one, and the plan is to enter stage two before the end of the year. 

For further information check the FAQ  section or contact us through email at


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